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I post tips about abstract painting, techniques, professional advice for artists, and travel tips for creative travel in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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Gallery representation is a significant milestone for artists, but it comes with its own set of advantages and drawbacks. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the benefits and challenges that come with being represented by a gallery. 10 Benefits of Gallery Representation 10 Drawbacks of Gallery Representation To sum it up, being part of […]

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Gallery Representation Unveiled: Exploring the Benefits and Drawbacks for Artists

Many people feel trepidation with the idea of showing their artwork to others. However, participating in regular critiques is one of the best ways to improve as an artist. Finding a group of artists that are willing to share their work, give and receive feedback is a huge asset to your creative process. It is important to understand the purpose, benefits and ways to participate in a critique so that you get the most out of the experience. If you are ready to be bold and get feedback on your artwork through critiques, then read on!

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How Critiques Improve Your Work

I’ve been painting for 30 years, and in that time I have figured out some favorites when it comes to paint, brushes, and canvases.  I get absolutely nothing from recommending these brands; these are just my favorites. All of these products deliver good quality and are well-priced, unless otherwise noted.  If you want to find out the best acrylic painting tools including brushes, paints, canvases, and much more, then read on!

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The Best Acrylic Painting Tools

Setting and writing down goals for ourselves is an important practice if we are serious about success. I have found that writing down goals helps me be more accountable, thus increasing my chances of success. As your trusted painting teacher, I would like to suggest that you make 1-3 goals that relate to you as an ARTIST. Being a teacher for over 20 years, I can confidently say that making SPECIFIC goals is important and yields to better results. Below are a few methods to write specific goals for yourself.

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How to Set SMART Art Goals


Acrylic painting is a popular medium for artists of all levels because it is versatile, quick-drying, and easy to clean up. Further, acrylic is a forgiving medium that can easily be covered over. Here are some acrylic painting techniques to experiment with.

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11 Acrylic Painting Techniques

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"I was looking for an experience beyond the typical tree painting class and Andrea’s class was perfect! I’ve taken many art classes and am a relatively experienced painter, but my mother was more nervous about being “let loose” to paint whatever she wanted to. During our class, Andrea handled both our desires wonderfully. Giving us mediums, techniques and suggestions whenever we needed them. We could have brought in reference photos, (or wine lol) but being surrounded by Andrea’s work was inspiration enough. We both walked away really feeling like we created something memorable and unique in just two hours. 

"Different (BETTER) than
just a ‘Wine & Paint’ class!

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"Andrea is an accomplished artist, and her teaching style is appropriate for all levels of artists. Our granddaughter is very proud of her finished painting. We had a wonderful time, and we created some great family memories, along with some interesting paintings. We all agreed that we can’t wait to do it again. It was a great family activity."

"We created some great family memories, along with interesting paintings."

"My son and I had an amazing weekend in Santa Fe and the best ending to it was taking our abstract painting class with Andrea. From the minute we walked in, we were in a warm and welcoming environment. Its clear Andrea loves what she does and that she was born for teaching art. I had no experience and felt a little inhibited, but with her guidance and support it was an extremely positive experience and I certainly learned a lot."

"It is clear Andrea loves what she does and was born for teaching."

"Andrea Cermanski has all the skills of a good teacher. She's knowledgeable, patient, encouraging, and gives precise and helpful instruction to each individual student, allowing him or her to discover their hidden artistic talents."

"Good Teacher, Knowledgeable, Patient & Encouraging."

"I did a private class with Andrea and it was so wonderful!! Andrea is an amazing artist and she is also a great teacher!! Thorough, patient and just a fun person to be around! I really wanted a basic introduction to how to use the paints, mediums, brushes, palettes, etc. I got that and so much more!! She even helped me with the anxieties I was having around painting. I left feeling inspired, and way more confident! Ready to go home and explore. I look forward to another class after I have played some on my own. Highly recommend!"

"I left feeling inspired, and way more confident!"