Make Your Own Pour Medium

Painting pours have been all the rage for quite some time. By thinning down paint and pouring it rather than the conventional brush application, artists can craft mesmerizing visual effects. Yet, relying on pre-made pouring mediums may impose limitations. Without the knowledge of crafting your own, you might find yourself stuck when the desire to create strikes. Consequently, I’ve curated my own pour medium recipe, giving me the flexibility to make it at will and create the effects I want. Join me on this exciting journey in crafting your own pour medium!

How to Make Your Own Painting Pour Medium

Here are written directions. If you prefer to watch a tutorial, scroll down!

Supplies Needed

  1. Acrylic Paint
  2. Satin or Gloss Acrylic Glazing Medium
  3. Water
  4. Small plastic container
  5. Canvas or Watercolor Paper
  6. Palette Knife
  7. Putty spreader (optional)
  8. Spray bottle with water (optional)
  9. Spray bottle with rubbing alcohol (optional)

Paint Pour Medium Recipe

2 parts water
2 parts medium
1 part pigment (acrylic paint)


1-Add the medium and pigment to your container first. Stir together.

2–Add the water and, and then add stir until mixed all the way through. This will take about a minute.

3-Mix up all the colors you want to use for the painting. Use the same proportion of medium/water/paint so that the consistency of each is relatively the same.

4-After all your colors are mixed, start pouring!

You can modify this recipe for the following desired results:

1-For thinner pours, add more water and less medium

2-For more translucent pours, add more medium and less pigment

Happy pour painting!


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I am an artist out of Santa Fe, New Mexico who has been painting for almost 30 years. I love to teach first-timers as well as experienced painters who need a creative reboot. My work has been displayed in several galleries around the country, and I have a Bachelor’s in Art History, a Master’s in Art Education, and had my work in a show juried by Judy Chicago. The idea of getting more people painting makes me light up as I want to inspire more people to express their creative selves and tap into a place of joy and calm.

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