I am inspired by the warm colors of the desert, big blue skies, and vast landscapes of New Mexico. Hand-collected natural pigments and mica make their way into my paintings in order to directly bring nature into my work.

Andrea Cermanski
Abstract painter out of
santa Fe, New Mexico

Extracting my palette from nature, my work embodies the delicate interplay of light and color, texture and form. While working, I intuitively synthesize memories of the land, sky and water, allowing something new to emerge–a metamorphosis. The culmination results in capturing the essence of a place vaguely familiar to us all. Similar to the excitement of recognizing familiar images while watching clouds, my work seeks to grasp the contemplative eye of the viewer.

My work is a conversation in color inspired by the intricacies of our natural world.  

My work has been shown in a variety of exhibitions, including Feminists Under Forty, which was curated by the renowned Judy Chicago, as well as in the book Contemporary Artists of the Southwest (2014) by E. Ashley Rooney. My paintings are in private and corporate collections around the country, and I keep painting my heart out in my downtown gallery, studio and workshop space, adjacent to the Santa Fe plaza and Canyon Road. 

I grabbed my first paintbrush 30 years ago, and haven't turned back since.

I grabbed my first paintbrush 30 years ago, and haven't turned back since.

I grabbed my first paintbrush 30 years ago, and haven't turned back since.

You will find Andrea's original paintings and fine art prints on display in the gallery.  Andrea's abstract paintings are inspired by nature, and you will have the opportunity to hear the stories behind her works, and view the natural pigments, mica and other natural materials from Northern New Mexico that she uses in her pieces.

341 East Alameda street
santa fe, new mexico

Andrea Cermanski Fine Art and Santa Fe Paining Workshops are conveniently located  in a sweet historic adobe studio across from the Santa Fe River and between the legendary Canyon Road and Santa Fe Plaza. We are right next door to the Inn on the Alameda, and around the corner from La Posada, The Drury Hotel, and my favorite restaurant, Sazon. 

The Santa Fe Gallery

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  1. Client contacts me to do a commission.
  2. The client and I have a conversation to discuss client's vision.
  3. Client decides on a size and whether painting is to be framed or not.
  4. I send client cost for the commission. If client agrees, they pay a 25% deposit.
  5. Once I start the painting, I email images of the composition and color sketch. Client pays an additional 25% upon approval.
  6. Client gives feedback about the direction of the piece.
  7. I incorporate client's feedback and send another image.
  8. Client either provides more feedback, or approves the final piece.  
  9. Once piece is approved, final payment + shipping cost is due.
  10. I get your painting professionally packed, insured and shipped.

I love commissions! The lover of interior design in me absolutely adores seeing the client's room in which they want a painting so I can dream up the perfect art piece for the space. I have done both private and corporate commissions, and the process is as follows:


Andrea's art is stunning. My wife and I own three of her original works, which we love. All are different, yet uniquely hers. Andrea works in a variety of media and although abstract expressionism seems her primary genre, her paintings are clearly inspired by the landscape of the Southwest. They're subtle, luminous, and transcendent. Her treatment of natural objects and the play of light, often using clouds, waterfalls, and even the sea, is incredibly mesmerizing. Although we visit museums and galleries often, it's seldom we encounter work as arresting or as beautiful as Andrea's.

"It's seldom we encounter work as arresting or as beautiful as Andrea's."