If you are looking for me to show you how to copy someone else's painting (aka "paint by sip" class), then I'm not your teacher. Want to find your unique artistic voice in painting workshops with a knowledgable, enthusiastic and encouraging teacher with all kinds of tricks in her bag? I'm your lady! 

art classes in santa fe

I follow the "I do, you do" approach so that each step is clear, easy and manageable in my painting workshops. I teach you some of my favorite signature techniques that I save for you because, hey, you showed up to my art class! I also drop knowledge gems during the class about color theory, composition, and other design principles so you're not out there flailing your arms in unknown art land. You leave the painting class with an almost or totally finished piece that will make you think you've been studying art for years. Almost 30 years of painting and 20 of teaching have taught me something, and that's how I can take you from wherever you are to someone who understands key principles about art-making so you can go home and keep working confidently. 

I approach painting with an attitude of playful  experimentation and creative risk-taking. 

we're meant to work together if...

  • You Are Not Interested in Copying Someone Else's Painting (aka "Paint and Sip")
  • You Want to Start or Improve your Painting Skills
  • You Have No Idea Where to Start or Feel Stuck in Your Practice
  • You Think You Don't Have What it Takes to Make Great Art
  • You Have a Soft Spot for Learning New Things
  • You Are Not Interested in Copying Someone Else's Painting
  • You Want to Start or Improve your Painting Skills
  • You Have No Idea Where to Start or Feel Stuck in Your Practice
  • You Think You Don't Have What it Takes to Make Great Art
  • You Have a Soft Spot for Learning New Things

what i provide

  • Acrylic Paint & Mediums
  • Brushes & Palette Knives
  • Apron & Neoprene gloves
  • 16" x 20" Canvas
  • Refreshments

Let's work together!  

Sound like your style?

2 hours  | Learn how to paint abstractly with my step-by-step method I developed from many years of painting. I demonstrate my favorite acrylic abstract painting techniques that create unique effects in your painting, and how to create texture in your pieces with acrylic mediums. Learn color theory, composition, and mark-making in this information-packed class! Students work on one canvas painting and go home with a finished piece. This workshop is customized to you and your group as I teach you how to find your own artistic voice and style. All supplies included, just show up!
Private $295   | 2 Students $350

2 hours | Family painting classes are a fabulous way to spend the day with your loved ones and return home with unforgettable keepsakes. I have been teaching art to children aged 12-18 for fifteen years, and my sons have been getting their own lessons since age 2, so I am at ease helping people of all ages explore creativity. I use only non-toxic acrylic and/or tempera paints depending on ages of the child. Taking an art class in Santa Fe with me will be the highlight of your family’s trip, and you will be able to display your creations once you return home!  $395  | 2 adults and up to 3 kids.

 My online course Abstraction Beyond Boundaries: Color & Composition  is for beginners and intermediates wanting to start or improve a painting practice.   I am infusing three decades of painting experience, a Masters in Art Education, and 18 years of teaching experience into this self-paced course. 

Upcoming group workshops 2023

2.5 hours | 4 Weeks | April 10, April 17, April 24, and May 1, 2023
Deep dive into abstract acrylic painting with this 4-week group class that teaches you the foundational skills of creating a strong abstract painting. Each class will have a focus in which students learn different abstract painting techniques, tools and approaches. 
All supplies, paints, aprons included. One 16 x 20 stretched canvas is provided for each class.  

Private $295
2 students $350
3-5 students $425
6-8 students $625

 Andrea is incredibly talented (check out her gallery!), and it was really neat to learn different concepts and techniques, see how she applied them in her work, and then try them ourselves. Her studio space is beautiful, and you really get what you pay for with her individual instruction. Our group had one experienced little artist and two clueless adults, and all three of us left with a beautiful painting - currently displayed on my mantle!

Our family painting class with Andrea was the highlight of our visit to Santa Fe!

Not at all. I have been teaching absolute beginners how to paint for 20 years. In fact, I love working with beginners so I can witness the process of them being mesmerized by the painting process.


Nope. I provide aprons, paint, brushes, canvases, easels, painting mediums, palette knives, and many more amazing tools to paint with. Just show up!


Downtown parking can be tricky, but I have a lot! Just pull into my lot and park on the right. You can park me in. If my lot happens to be full (rare), you should be able to find street parking on East Alameda or Delgado streets.


There are many options to choose from!  I come to the table with 28 years of painting and 20 years of teaching experience, so you are in good hands with me. I would also recommend checking out my artwork to see if you like my style. If so, then I'm your lady! If not, bring a reference image or email me what you would like to work on and I will make it happen.  

why should I take your class?

Not at all! It is a water-based medium that has no smell (unlike oil paint). Clean up is easy with soap and water. However, if you get acrylic on your clothes, be sure to wash it with a wet rag immediately because it will dry permanently. But worry not, I will give you a big apron.

Is acrylic paint toxic?

Yes! Dexter teaches watercolor, graphite and gouache.  I incorporate charcoal, natural pigments, oil crayon and even collage into my artwork. I also teach encaustic in my home studio which is 15 minutes from downtown.  Between the two of us we cover a lot of mediums!

Do you teach other mediums besides acrylic?

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