Art retreats & team building classes take place at my lovely downtown gallery/studio/workshop space right across from the Santa Fe River and one block from Canyon Road. 

santa fe painting retreats

My introduction to art came during college when I fell in love with a few painting classes I took. 

My 3 full-day art retreats are designed for those who want a creative reboot in order to begin or advance abstract painting. We explore how to paint abstractly, color theory, how to create a dynamic surface, techniques using surprising items, natural pigments, and unique painting tools. Each day comes with several demonstrations and a challenge that helps students to take more creative risks and feel inspired. Students share their goals and support each other in this small class in which I provide ample personalized coaching. By the end of the workshop, students feel renewed by learning a multitude of new techniques and ideas that will launch their work in new and exciting directions. This course is designed for all levels of abstract painters, and gives students the skills and confidence to continue a practice of painting upon return home.

3-Day Art Retreat

  • 3 days/18 hours of instruction
  • 3 stretched canvases
  • Acrylic paint & mediums
  • Fabrics, art papers & other materials
  • A variety of brushes & palette knives to use
  • Apron
  • Snacks
  • Tea, coffee, carbonated water.


3-6 Students


APRIL 23-25
JUNE 1-3
JULY 23-25
AUGUST 27-29

2023 Painting Retreats

"Quality instruction and inspiration was definitely provided by Andrea. An artist and educator, Andrea gave encouragement and tips for objective evaluation so my inner critic didn’t get the best of me. Color theory, principals of art and design, and texture application with all kinds of tools and mediums were the highlight for me.  3 full days to learn and create is long but a necessary retreat to break down barriers I was experiencing in my own creative expression. I returned home inspired, with direction and purpose and have been painting ever since! I have a show in April!"

"I returned home inspired, with direction and purpose..."

"...For four days, I met with her for three hours each day, and we painted, we drew, we discussed, and when things got hard, I told her I couldn't do it, but she pushed me out of my box and coached me through it. I have learned how to draw, how to mix colors, how to create several different types of textures on canvas, how to paint. And I love it! If I ever forget what I learned, that's okay...because Andrea painstakingly took notes for me while I learned, and I still regularly use those notes at home when I paint by myself. Andrea was a high school art teacher, and she draws from best teaching practices to instill in her private students the basic knowledge needed to get started and then, just as importantly, to work independently...."

" I cannot recommend Andrea highly enough!

I help teams learn how to access their creativity by teaching them abstract painting skills using a step-by-step method that I developed from 28 years of experience. My corporate retreats provide a unique way for teams to bond while they learn how to access creative brain pathways. I can provide wine and catering for an additional fee, and can accommodate up to 18 participants in team building classes.

Painting classes are a fantastic way to bond with colleagues and work on skills such as creativity, risk-taking, and trust. 

Corporate Retreats