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I post tips about abstract painting, techniques, professional advice for artists, and travel tips for creative travel in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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As a painter I am accustomed to seeing my artwork hanging on a wall. While this has kept me inspired for 25 years, recently I have been interested in how my paintings can inhabit interior spaces in more dynamic ways. I want to breathe new life into my paintings so I can watch them transform into functional objects that can grace a sofa or a dining table. It excites me that the price of functional art makes it available to a larger audience, and hence my research into Print on Demand (POD) services began. I’d like to share what I’ve learned so far about various POD services because it truly takes a lot of time and experimentation to figure out which company is the best for you. If you are keen on turning your art into products, then keep reading!

Painting Tips

Turn Your Art into Functional Objects

Sometimes you want to be in your studio or do something creative, but you don’t fee like painting.  So what should you do? It’s a good idea to do activities that support your painting process, without actually starting on a new canvas. I am going to give you several ideas for what to do when you want to support your creative process, but don’t feel like painting.

Painting Tips

How to Support Your Creativity

If you are looking for easy acrylic painting ideas for beginners, then you are in the right place! I am going to break down and provide videos for several abstract painting techniques that will be sure to inspire even the most novice artist. Acrylic abstract painting is fun, and with a few step-by-step instructions, you will be on your way to making beautiful abstracts for your home, office, or to give as gifts.

Painting Tips

Easy Acrylic Painting Ideas

Blue and green abstract painting

Are you an artist who feels the need to make the leap and go pro? I get it! I was there about ten years ago, and I am happy to say that since then I have had four different galleries represent my work, was in a show curated by Judy Chicago, have had my work in multiple group shows, and have a page dedicated to me in the book Contemporary Art of the Southwest (2014). I also have collectors around the country, some of whom have multiple pieces of mine. My advice below comes from my experience as a professional artist, and I recommend that you seek out advice from several different professional artists before making the move.

Painting Tips

How to Become a Successful Artist

An artist retreat is a multi-day art class that allows attendees to restart their creative process and dive deep into an art medium, style, and/or technique.  Art retreats are usually multi-day classes offered consecutively so that students have concentrated focus on the topic at hand. Huge leaps in progress can be made in retreats: some students who have never picked up a paintbrush will leave the workshop knowing intermediate skills and the confidence to create sophisticated work, others leave knowing how to refine their work and pursue gallery and art showings, while others leave refreshed with new techniques that inspire innovative pathways of working.  Therefore, an artist retreat is extremely effective for any level of artist, and will surely result in learning a lot of new techniques, skills, confidence, and a connection with other artists who share a passion of painting. 

Painting Tips

About Our Artist Retreats

Let's work together!  

Sound like your style?

"I was looking for an experience beyond the typical tree painting class and Andrea’s class was perfect! I’ve taken many art classes and am a relatively experienced painter, but my mother was more nervous about being “let loose” to paint whatever she wanted to. During our class, Andrea handled both our desires wonderfully. Giving us mediums, techniques and suggestions whenever we needed them. We could have brought in reference photos, (or wine lol) but being surrounded by Andrea’s work was inspiration enough. We both walked away really feeling like we created something memorable and unique in just two hours. 

"Different (BETTER) than just a ‘Wine & Paint’ class!

"Andrea is an accomplished artist, and her teaching style is appropriate for all levels of artists. Our granddaughter is very proud of her finished painting. We had a wonderful time, and we created some great family memories, along with some interesting paintings. We all agreed that we can’t wait to do it again. It was a great family activity."

"We created some great family memories, along with interesting paintings."

"My son and I had an amazing weekend in Santa Fe and the best ending to it was taking our abstract painting class with Andrea. From the minute we walked in, we were in a warm and welcoming environment. Its clear Andrea loves what she does and that she was born for teaching art. I had no experience and felt a little inhibited, but with her guidance and support it was an extremely positive experience and I certainly learned a lot."

"It is clear Andrea loves what she does and was born for teaching."

"Andrea Cermanski has all the skills of a good teacher. She's knowledgeable, patient, encouraging, and gives precise and helpful instruction to each individual student, allowing him or her to discover their hidden artistic talents."

"Good Teacher, Knowledgeable, Patient & Encouraging."

"I did a private class with Andrea and it was so wonderful!! Andrea is an amazing artist and she is also a great teacher!! Thorough, patient and just a fun person to be around! I really wanted a basic introduction to how to use the paints, mediums, brushes, palettes, etc. I got that and so much more!! She even helped me with the anxieties I was having around painting. I left feeling inspired, and way more confident! Ready to go home and explore. I look forward to another class after I have played some on my own. Highly recommend!"

"I left feeling inspired, and way more confident!"